set guidelines

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The PNP's refusal to set guidelines clearly shows that they are planning to abuse their subpoena powers,' Labog added.
The CJP heard the requests in his chamber and then set guidelines for the initial hearing of the case.
The LTO is expected to release an order that would set guidelines before the implementation.
It was agreed during a meeting held Wednesday between UTICA President Wided Bouchamaoui and heads of Tunisian foreign business councils to hold regular meetings between the two sides, twice a year, to monitor and assess the work of the different sides on the international level and to set guidelines in this field.
In return for dutifully following the set guidelines, bounties that range from $150 to $1,500 per bug are up for grabs depending on the severity.
There will be no requirement for labeling the fish as genetically modified, although the agency has set guidelines for retailers who want to label the fish.
Minister of Communication Technologies and the Digital Economy, Nooman Fehri said in a statement to the official Tunisian news agency TAP, "the marketing of 4G telecommunications services will begin by the end of 2015, indicating that in two weeks, a tender will be launched to select an engineering firm to set guidelines.
13 set guidelines for the application of the Framework Agreement.
This is because unlike email over the public internet, the carriers who police their own networks have set guidelines and best practices for the mobile media industry.
The meeting, he hoped, would serve to set guidelines for resuming peace process.
However, the company has not set guidelines on how children's app developers might use analytics tools to gather information on what their young users are doing.
All our apprentices are trained to the highest standards, surpassing set guidelines, so that they are equipped with the necessary abilities to work on some of our high profile clients such as St Paul's Cathedral, Lumley Castle and Teesside Power Station.