set limits

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Users will be able to go into their device settings and establish limits on their kids' phone activity or review apps they want to install and Google is also adding a new feature that will enable parents to set limits on the use of particular apps.
Chandranaika s/o late ramaiah at malali ip set limits (sy no 116) in hebbal hobli,2) smt subbamma w/o late giri naika at kestur koppalu ip set limits (sy no 100) in hebbal hobli and 3) sri.ramachandra s/o late ramanaika at malali ip set limits (sy no 106) in hebbal hobli , k r nagara taluk (tsp)
This "parental control software" allows me to block his apps, set limits on the amount of time he uses his device and filters web content.
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Sep 18 (ANI): With Google's Family Link, parents can now set limits, lock the device when they feel it's time for a break, and even approve or block apps from being downloaded from Google Play store.
I hear a lot of parents complain about Fortnite, and some schools have even written to parents to advise them on how to set limits.
Deduct tax from the person whose mobile phone usage is more than set limits,' remarked the CJP.
Industry hacks were quick to snort that a goal of reducing screen dependency wil' en' It l courage us to set limits where we are spending too much time.
AAP tells parents to set limits for technology use, such as requiring children to put away their devices during meal times and keeping phones out of bedrooms at night.
Under the plans, which set limits on the prices that customers in England and Wales will pay for water between 2020 and 2025, Ofwat said it is proposing to set the so-called cost of capital that has a direct bearing on bills at a record low of 2.4%.
However, when the Senate amended the bill in May, requiring the Department of Environmental Services to investigate the effect of PFC contamination on prenatal and early childhood health, the bill became complicated, requiring a change in the methodology the state uses to set limits for any contaminant, and led to the bill's demise.
CHRIS Froome refused to set limits on his Tour de France ambitions as he reflected on a surreal victory.
The Commission has also started taking action on another carcinogenic pollutant, NO2 for which EU legislation has set limits since 2010.