set of facts

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The first set of facts to be adduced against the common sense view of desire are those studied by psycho-analysis.
He said the set of facts in the Sandiganbayan case was the same set used in the administrative case filed against them.
In the motion, the prosecution stated that consolidation is the "proper" course of action because the aforementioned cases involved the same incidents and set of facts.
People fundamentally disagree about any set of facts - religious, historical, financial, scientific - that guide society.
It assumes a set of facts and presents the situation as it stands.
The checklists are meant to provide students with a tool to facilitate the analysis of procedural problems in examinations, showing them how to identify the issue, articulate applicable rules and principles, apply principles to a set of facts, and arrive at and state a conclusion.
There is yet another set of facts one should look into.
According to Law360, the Icons are litigators who have never let a complex set of facts keep them from resonating with jurors, judges who have handed down rulings that illuminate the law and leaders who have built the U.
Each spread comes with a set of facts about the country and a short introduction to the city.
The senior author gave the first four authors (first-year college students) the authority to determine when to move to the next set of facts for the participants.
An old adage states that you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own set of facts.
A basis of plea put forward by Rigby - where he set out a certain set of facts over the incident - was rejected by the Crown Prosecution Service.