set of facts

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The judge called this the most offensive set of facts he had ever seen during his time on the bench," says Dallas attorney Trey Crawford of Gruber Hurst Elrod Johansen Hail Shank, who represented the woman at trial with co-counsel Royce West of Dallas' West & Associates L.
From policymakers to journalists to students, we want everyone to be able to work from the same set of facts.
He was crestfallen and I would say slightly even devastated by the implication that he conjured up this set of facts in an effort to make money,'' Kenny said.
The senior author gave the first four authors (first-year college students) the authority to determine when to move to the next set of facts for the participants.
An old adage states that you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own set of facts.
A basis of plea put forward by Rigby - where he set out a certain set of facts over the incident - was rejected by the Crown Prosecution Service.
The author painstakingly creates a satisfying police procedural, weaving together a believable story woven from a set of facts that are derived from a combination of financial fraud, organized crime and just plain human emotions.
Folk said that a Security Council report raised these same concerns in 1979, "but 34 years later Israel remains committed to ignoring international law and pursuing its own set of facts on the ground.
These are relations that hold between facts, times, degrees of strength, actors, actors' responses, and (for epistemic reasons) the set of facts the agents could know.
He said: "There's a set of facts that students can learn, but that's only one part of education.
The decision made by the district court in Connecticut is specific to Quinnipiac and the set of facts unique to that case," Pintens said.
Costly care home - pages 4&5 THAT a care home is remaining open - at the cost of pounds 450,000 a year and 13 members of staff - for one woman is an attention-grabbing set of facts.