set of facts

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The first set of facts to be adduced against the common sense view of desire are those studied by psycho-analysis.
Much more than now, there was a shared set of facts."
This new set of facts requires us to rethink what we once knew, reassess how to best foster strong and stable economies, and ready ourselves for the future...
Where two defendants have been indicted for bank fraud and identity theft, a motion by one of the defendants to sever his trial from his codefendant's should be denied because the allegations against the two arise from the same set of facts.
Senator Manchin stressed that before we come to reasonable and pragmatic solutions we must first agree to the same set of facts. He questioned each witness about the data sources they rely on in their work.
Though based on the same set of facts and evidence, the conclusions of the report were strikingly different from the draft report released by the panel when it was still chaired by Pimentel.
"History is often presented as a set of facts and dates, but it is the knitting together of rival interpretations...
But let's pause for a moment and look at another set of facts. Africa's current total population is circa 1.25bn and is expected to hit 2.5bn by 2050.
"The Supreme Court will have to bank on the same set of facts already laid before Congress before they overwhelmingly voted to extend the effectivity of martial law in Mindanao for another year," he reiterated.
Almost every important constitutional law decision involves more than one legal doctrine, says Caplan, lawyers and judges use many different constitutional tools to examine a single set of facts, but these tools are all part of the same integrated toolkit, with each legal doctrine affecting the others.
Christ is uniquely the object of faith that God has set forth for our acceptance and there is great blessing for those who do, for Christianity is not based on a set of facts but on a living person.
The Official Spokesman of the Coalition Hussein al-Adly said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the results of the elections showed a set of facts, the first is the absence of a bloc after today claims to represent a component alone," noting that "the talks continue with the most and majority of political blocs to create the map of the largest parliamentary bloc.