set of questions

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Broadly speaking, what is done is, that a set of questions are asked of various people, their answers are recorded, and likewise their own accounts, based upon introspection, of the processes of thought which led them to give those answers.
Pachauri co- operated with the police though he skipped a few questions,"sources said while adding that he will face a new set of questions on Friday.
David says if he were Prime Minister he would "replace Prime Minister's Questions with a set of questions sent in from the public that the PM answers each week, so that - rather than a bunch of people shouting at each other and name-calling - there'd be a more sensible process.
The Special bench will consider a set of questions a different bench had framed while hearing the case of 35 prisoners who went missing from a military internment centre in Malakand.
ey started with a warmup set of questions, followed by a complicated cross number round.
As more and more of these developments are realised, we are faced with a whole new set of questions and challenges.
One set of questions deals with agents, the strategies they use in a particular context, and evaluating those strategies.
Just answer a set of questions aimed at finding your unique "denim personality", the ideal size, cut and wash preference.
The answers were issued by the bank to a set of questions asked by judge, Jed Rakoff, who is hearing whether to accept a proposed USD150m settlement between the bank and the Securities and Exchange Commission related to the acquisition of Merrill Lynch.
Rounds two and three challenge the contestants' memories and general knowledge and, at the end of the third round, the triumphant contestant gets a shot at winning a big cash prize by answering a brand new set of questions with the same answers.
All parents of toddlers and preschoolers have to do is answer a simple set of questions about their child's development and then Savvy Source provides parents with a customized set of recommendations of the very best educational books, toys and activities to engage a child's imagination and development at this particular moment of their growth.
Registrants will be asked a short set of questions surveying their demographic background.