set of questions

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Broadly speaking, what is done is, that a set of questions are asked of various people, their answers are recorded, and likewise their own accounts, based upon introspection, of the processes of thought which led them to give those answers.
Summary: Called the Cognitive Reflection Test, the set of questions are originally part of a research paper.
Worth noting, however, and importantly so, is that, for the first time, Kenya is using the Washington Group (WG) Short Set of questions to identify the number of persons with disabilities in the country.
The Sindh government had faced a similar set of questions pertaining to inmates and their illnesses last week put up by a lawmaker during the proceedings.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has handed over another set of questions to India on the Pulwama attack.
And results from a special set of questions, banks reported expecting to tighten standards for all categories of business and credit card loans, as well as jumbo mortgages.
A new set of questions will be sent to other relevant ministries, said the same source, calling on all stakeholders to be more transparent and to work with civil society to enforce this law.
The first set of questions are about the evaluation process itself and should be asked of, and answered by, board members.
WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Friday said he has answered a set of questions from special counsel Robert Mueller "very easily," while his lawyers signal that the president expects to turn over his written answers in the coming days.
Then, there's the lengthy set of questions, including particulars such as name, residential address, CNIC number, etc, as well as signatures at different places under the guise of State Bank instructions.
Then the quiz master will ask a set of questions about where that dish came from.
It is understood that the agency wants to put across a fresh set of questions to him regarding the deal and decisions taken by him.