set of tactics

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CONNECTIONS of Dee Ex Bee have indicated they could employ a different set of tactics if they cross swords again with Stradivarius in the Qatar Goodwood Cup.
Active measures are a set of tactics, refined during the Cold War, but adapted to the realities and technology of the 21st century; that aim to undermine the enemy through politics instead of just brute force.
To successfully intervene, all of these organizations must develop a strategy and set of tactics relevant to their specific roles.
But having reached this point largely while running counter to conventional wisdom and expert opinion, Trump must now resist the natural impulse to double down on a set of tactics that, from his perspective, has worked brilliantly.
For the first time ever they'll need a completely separate set of tactics and a game plan for when the Dubs' bench is unloaded.
If you want to market your business or service, programmatic advertising should be in the consideration set of tactics.
It is a set of tactics and practices that have developed since the early 20th century (and the rise of fascism in Italy) as a confrontational response to fascist groups, rooted in militant left-wing and anarchist politics."
Above all, help them channel their sense of urgency into a set of tactics that allows them be the leader they really want to be.
Give each goal its own set of tactics. The way your plan is structured and written impacts your ability to execute effectively.
Poyet needs to stick with one system, one set of tactics, and - injuries and suspensions permitting - a settled side if Sunderland are to make sure they stay out of trouble.
But if you want to breathe new life into sales enablement, stop looking at it as a set of tactics or tools and realize it's instead a strategic framework for making sales more productive, better trained, and more plugged in to sales and marketing data.
Not every contender will have the luxury of more than one set of tactics, and as Fehily said yesterday: "It's difficult to make all but as soon as I gave him a squeeze he picked up for me."