set of tactics

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Not every contender will have the luxury of more than one set of tactics, and as Fehily said yesterday: "It's difficult to make all but as soon as I gave him a squeeze he picked up for me.
For many organizations, the result is either a tightly controlled marketing effort that limits the individual owners from capitalizing on their own efforts or a hodge-podge set of tactics that differ from one location to the next.
The players and coaches need time to get used to the new set of tactics.
Bootstrap hacking is a set of tactics for dealing with the problem of getting a startup launched as quickly as possible, with little to no capital, through innovative and clever strategy.
The sources told FNA that the army plans to also start using a new, but different set of tactics in Aleppo as well.
Savvy marketers understand the complementary nature of engaging content and paid social media, as well as the need to employ a diverse set of tactics to achieve their specific goals," said Sivan Metzger, SVP, business development for Kenshoo.
They wanted a set of tactics that were at once more aggressive and at the same time deeply rooted in biblical teaching.
I have stuck to a great work ethics improving on my stamina and a better set of tactics," Srikam told Gulf News.
In a cyber attack, we must rely on trained professionals and an established set of tactics and techniques to complement new products.
But having the numbers where we want them is only one part of the management equation; we also need a set of tactics to ensure we're using that information.
We want people to try this, and then when they believe in it, things will move from C* reaction as it is now, to a more organized and planned set of tactics that will [force] the regime to negotiate.
Alex, 28, who followed Edward Hunter off the BBC1 show, said: "I think I went on with a clear set of tactics and I can honestly say they weren't the best tactics.