set of terms

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Pre-Qualification: The tender document consisting of, specifications, the schedule of quantities of various items to be supplied and the set of terms and condition of the contract to be complied with and other necessary documents can be seen from website https//:eprocure.
It will do a review into these contracts and will also move towards a Welsh set of terms and conditions for all NHS staff, ending the current UK-wide negotiations over pay.
have just had a new website developed and have posted our standard set of terms and conditions because I was advised this is a legal requirement.
It is instead to propose the opposite: that the internal history of art possesses its own set of terms through which to track and expose the mechanics of a humor that has been forever ascribed to the mysteries of the creative act; and, more specifically, that the narrative of melancholy, as a historical condition as well as a philosophical conceit, might be mapped over the travails of art--art's real and allegorical struggle, in the era of late modernism, with inarticulateness and loss.
He has also given us a set of terms, a new vocabulary as an aid to understanding.
Parasitologists, virologists, and bacteriologists should agree on a consensus set of terms for the ecologic description of multihost systems.
6) That definition is, of course, saturated with the categories of nineteenth-century liberalism, a set of terms which were themselves worked out in self-conscious philosophical opposition to the condition of slavery.
Unison branch secretary Roger Bannister said the union had been negotiating with the company to achieve a single set of terms and conditions, but talks brokedown.
A new Japan-China fisheries treaty will take effect on June 1 as scheduled because the two governments agreed on a set of terms Thursday, Japanese negotiators said.
Personally, I don't care if we refer to such morally heedless, destructive cultural production as simply ``bad stuff,'' but we had better agree on some set of terms to discuss the profoundly disturbing realities of our present social predicament.