set of terms

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The Wall Street Journal on Thursday reported that Xi plans to present Trump with a set of terms the United States should meet before Beijing would be ready to settle their trade dispute.
Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to present President Trump with a set of terms the U.S.
Each chapter is organized around a key concept or related set of terms, based on the notion that aesthetic concepts are often highly contested intellectual territory, that these terms have a history, and that their usage and meaning are prone to shift depending on the context.
People will want to just go to the most favorable set of terms and say these look great without appreciating the distinctions that would apply.
It will do a review into these contracts and will also move towards a Welsh set of terms and conditions for all NHS staff, ending the current UK-wide negotiations over pay.
have just had a new website developed and have posted our standard set of terms and conditions because I was advised this is a legal requirement.
It is instead to propose the opposite: that the internal history of art possesses its own set of terms through which to track and expose the mechanics of a humor that has been forever ascribed to the mysteries of the creative act; and, more specifically, that the narrative of melancholy, as a historical condition as well as a philosophical conceit, might be mapped over the travails of art--art's real and allegorical struggle, in the era of late modernism, with inarticulateness and loss.
He has also given us a set of terms, a new vocabulary as an aid to understanding.
Parasitologists, virologists, and bacteriologists should agree on a consensus set of terms for the ecologic description of multihost systems.
Indeed, by putting the words "agency" and "humanity" side-by-side, it becomes possible to excavate a hidden cavity of meaning within the trope of "agency." The word "agency" itself has a long, complicated, and polysemous history, but as employed in the New Social History it has generally been used in its primary sense as self-directed action, the type of action that the Oxford English Dictionary, quoting Coleridge, terms "personal free agency" or, in the words of another recent historian of slavery "independent will and volition." (6) That definition is, of course, saturated with the categories of nineteenth-century liberalism, a set of terms which were themselves worked out in self-conscious philosophical opposition to the condition of slavery.
Full set of Terms & Conditions available upon request.
If, on the other hand, you organize data based on the experience or perspective of a given set of people--even subject matter experts--you will need to rebuild your organizational structure each time something changes, for example when a "new" expert is added, or a different or additional set of terms needs to be considered, etc.