set off against

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References in classic literature ?
Still, there are circumstances which I submit may be taken into account as a set off against any little drawbacks of mine, and so a fair and equitable balance arrived at.
The subscription price will be paid by a promissory note which will be set off against the corresponding amount of indebtedness owing by IBI Group to IBI Group Management Partnership, and will result in further debt reduction of approximately $2,010,000.
It said, The purchase consideration for the land purchase will be payable by WCTPD by way of set off against the corresponding milestone payment of the contract sum payable by 1MDB Real Estate to WCTB under the infra contract, and therefore, the land purchase will not have any material impact on the gearing of the WCT Group .
Put crudely, if German companies bribed officials in Greece to motivate them to purchase military hardware that was surplus to requirements, the value of such contracts can be set off against the value of the Greek debt that would satisfy any political fall out in Germany.
The shapely leaves are set off against a soft backdrop of coastal woollybush (Adenan-thos sericeus), "which has a kelplike quality," says Tessier.
However, it is also within the rights of the bank to adjust or set off an amount deposited by a depositor to the bank against any loan that the depositor may have taken from the bank in order to clear off his dues in accordance with Article 373 of the Commercial Transactions Law which states: "Except for the deposit appropriated for investment, the cash deposit shall be considered a debt and may be set off against the debt which is due to the bank by the depositor, and any agreement to the contrary shall be considered void.
Get financial advice: Consult an accountant and/or tax advisor on how your property investment should be set up and what costs you can set off against your rental income.
Red also appears on a metaphorical "firewall"--a digital media board along a corridor wall with bright red lights set off against a dark background.
According to tax consultants and PMS fund managers, fee is an expense which can be set off against any other income but not against capital gains.
However recent reduction in the oil price may give consumers relief, albeit on a small scale--that needs to be set off against the imminent hikes in electricity hikes.
Previous license costs (roughly $300m) will be set off against the new auction prices.