set off against

See: contrast
References in classic literature ?
Still, there are circumstances which I submit may be taken into account as a set off against any little drawbacks of mine, and so a fair and equitable balance arrived at.
He had been crossing with other pedestrians when a car, which had been stopped at the crossing, set off against the red lights causing the victim to put out his hand for his own safety and hit the car.
The company added that the board is authorised to issue special rights referred to in Chapter 10 Section 1 of the Finnish Companies Act entitling its holder to receive new shares or the company's own shares for consideration in such a manner that the subscription price for the shares is to be set off against a receivable of the subscriber (convertible bond).
Shunning fashion's staple heel, the designer had her models' legs wrapped knee-high in strips of brilliant red and blue fabric, dramatically set off against metallic body paint.
The report suggests that the Government should consider allowing unutilised tax losses of one company to be transferred to and set off against the taxable income of another company within the same wholly owned corporate group.
Go for Gold, with warm gold tones and lashings of gilded shimmer, are set off against strong brows and matte plum lips for a modern twist on a cocktail hour classic.
The cathedral carried out repairs in 2011/12 but, when it sought a VAT rebate on the costs, HM Revenue and Customs dug in its heels, refusing to countenance VAT paid on repairs to be set off against VAT payable by the cathedral's cafe and gift shop.
The loan will be set off against any bonus due to the consultant for the 12 month period ending on 30 September 2017 and if the bonus is less than GBP 200,000, the remaining amount of the loan will be waived.
Following that, he began to receive his social security pension in full; his public service retirement pension would in any event have been set off against the amount of the social security pension.
Set off against a limed oak floor and a favourite antique dresser, the look is country kitchen for the 21st century.
Perhaps only in the eastern Cape could something with a rash of black spots, set off against a silvery, opalescent bronzy-mauve be called a "tiger".
New York 0314 has at its heart a photograph of the stark, quasi-Cubist geometry of a commonplace roofline, white eaves set off against a cloudless sky and shadowed wall.