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a) the degree of probability of a multi-word-item is measured in relation with its degree of institutionalization (conventionalized multi-word item); b) the degree of fixedness of the set phrase is also measured in relation to its grammatical restrictions; c) finally, the degree to which the meaning of the set phrase can or cannot be derived from the meaning of its constituent parts is also measured (non-compositionality--meaning is not interpreted on a word-by-word basis) (Iglesias-Rabade 2001: 129-130).
I don't know the set phrases for defending though, so if it's anything important it will definitely be in English
These top secret handbooks were drawn up in the 1970s and contain over 1600 head words and set phrases.
Nobody had bothered to prime her up on a few set phrases such as 'the bedpan please' or 'no pain', or she was too stubborn to learn any.
It also has an apparently limited vocabulary of set phrases, such as a cause de which means because of and not the nonsensical to causes of which is produces.
There are in fact two counting systems in Welsh, the older one tending to be used in set phrases.