set right

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The movement will start soon when the track will be set right," he added.
The cash is being raised in order to set right issues regarding the bank's capital levels.
The legend helped Johnson to set right his technical problems and even helped morally to boost his confidence.
She says: "Who is feeling the most uncomfortable on set right now?
Mr Mladenov, who is now the United Nations Special Representative to Iraq, told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that the media had done well to try to set right such suggestions, saying they "show that this whole mass hysteria, which has been fanned out by some media outlets in the UK, has been purely politically-motivated and that there is no reason to believe that the UK will be swarmed by waves of immigrants from Bulgaria".
Finance Minister Petar Chobanov has defended the amendments, saying the budget revision aims to correct the country's fiscal policies from the last few years, which hampered economic growth and limited the opportunities for assistance to vulnerable groups in the society, as well as set right the misleading forecast for revenues and spending.
They quickly took him to the paediatrics emergency in Al-Sadd where a surgery was carried out to set right the problem.
I hope that the system is set right and there are no problems for growth and progress.
AN EMBATTLED Congress on Thursday admitted that the apex court had set right an "error" in the appointment of P.
You won't get rich quick lumping on at such short prices, while the Asian handicap line is set right, with the hosts giving up 1.
Our technical team has worked round the clock to set right the system and put the portal back in service," he added.
To achieve this goal, first we have to set right our English language education.