set right

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It is noteworthy that as he went downstairs he still imagined that his case was perhaps not utterly lost, and that, so far as the ladies were concerned, all might "very well indeed" be set right again.
As on the ruined human wretch vermin parasites appear, so these ruined shelters have bred a crowd of foul existence that crawls in and out of gaps in walls and boards; and coils itself to sleep, in maggot numbers, where the rain drips in; and comes and goes, fetching and carrying fever and sowing more evil in its every footprint than Lord Coodle, and Sir Thomas Doodle, and the Duke of Foodle, and all the fine gentlemen in office, down to Zoodle, shall set right in five hundred years--though born expressly to do it.
The wrong you have done me is not to be set right in that way," he said.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Mar 15 (ANI): Cell therapy, a known panacea for several medical conditions-- liver cirrhosis, diabetes, PCOD and autoimmune diseases -- has added early menopause to the list of things it can possibly set right.
Contract awarded for Bipolar moore type hemiarthroplasty set right hip
Set right here in Scotland, you play David Gordon, a young man who has returned home to uncover the mystery of his father's death, so cue puzzle solving, interactions with creepy characters and a genuinely disturbing castle setting.
Reiterating need for urgent attention towards backward areas, Abdullah Hussain Haroon said the government needs to set right its development oriented priorities.
Is it too much for the citizenry to expect the government who came to power with the simple pledge that everything will be set right, to act positively and effectively?
The administration has deployed OPDC Pharmacy to set right the record rather than taking the register into their possession for audit purpose.
We shall try to set right any law which would threaten national unity or risk proper representation, so that it attains its aspired goals," Jarrah said, stressing the dire need for reaching a new poll law and holding timely parliamentary elections.
It's very much set right now in Brexit Britain, so it's quite political as well," Christie, who is also from Gloucester, told Soho Radio.
Analysts expect Elliott to try and set right the bank's Asian businesses.