set straight

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Korsunky bowed, set straight his open shirt front, and gave her his arm to conduct her to Anna Arkadyevna.
George at his buttonhole and a plain forage cap set straight on his head.
That night the sun set straight out across the water opposite the land, and then the ape-man guessed at last the truth that he had been suspecting.
The Ladies' Aid bought me one set straight through all whole.
Her knives were twice as long as a scythe, set straight upon the handle.
Harnish is laboring under a false impression, and he should be set straight.
My attention is distracted, my composure is upset; I can't rest till things are set straight again.
You only want to have your heads set straight, to take the right side; so bear in mind that majorities, especially respectable ones, are nine times out of ten in the wrong; and that if you see a man or boy striving earnestly on the weak side, however wrong-headed or blundering he may be, you are not to go and join the cry against him.
However, after Operation Ocean's findings, Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger has vowed to send the review to the Home Affairs Select Committee "so the record can be set straight.
The point they had to be set straight by a distressed Gold Star widow, you'd of thought would have seen a bigger commander-inchief stand down and apologise for any hurt he may have caused.
We expected this outcome, yet we approached the Supreme Court to have our reservations redressed and the record set straight through the review petitions,' the railway minister said.
But the record can be set straight soon when Microsoft discloses all relevant information regarding these new Surface notebooks, set to be officially launched in a few hours, as of this writing.