set straight

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Korsunky bowed, set straight his open shirt front, and gave her his arm to conduct her to Anna Arkadyevna.
That night the sun set straight out across the water opposite the land, and then the ape-man guessed at last the truth that he had been suspecting.
The Ladies' Aid bought me one set straight through all whole.
Her knives were twice as long as a scythe, set straight upon the handle.
My attention is distracted, my composure is upset; I can't rest till things are set straight again.
He would tell me arrive on the set straight out of bed, with no make- up.
Some people to be forgetting not the job of council to and deliver a regeneration scheme of proposed Mayor Joe In response, Mayor Anderson said: "As Mayor of the city, I wish to set straight some of the issues which were not communicated to the meeting.
The third item Stevens wanted to set straight was to make sure everyone understands that every type of company--bank or non-bank--is regulated now in the mortgage industry.
He has also set straight the myths associated with the Civil Services Examination and motivated the deserving students on how to succeed and overcome all the difficulties in life.
Team Velox is determined to gain lifelong skills and create intercultural friendships, but their eyes are set straight at the trophy.
But this poor record was set straight with an outstanding performance in the first 40 minutes that was close to anything they have replicated so far.
Since he came on board around November, the record has been set straight.