Set Aside

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Set Aside

To cancel, annul, or revoke a judgment or order.

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set aside

v. to annul or negate a court order or judgment by another court order. Example: a court dismisses a complaint believing the case had been settled. Upon being informed by a lawyer's motion that the lawsuit was not settled, the judge will issue an order to "set aside" the original dismissal.

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TO SET ASIDE. To annul; to make void; as to set aside an award.
     2. When proceedings are irregular they may be set aside on, motion of the party whom they injuriously affect.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The value of the set-aside will grow over time -- at 8.1 percent it will reach $1 million when she hits 81 and $2 million at 89.
And she said that paying farmers an extra subsidy for set-aside - when under the old scheme they had to leave land fallow in order to claim money at all - would mean the public was paying them twice.
The result of the current case is a conflict between the courts as to how the set-aside amount should be calculated.
The rate of obligatory set-aside was initially decided every year but in 1999-2000 it was set permanently at 10% for simplification purposes.
The RSPB said the loss of set-aside on such a scale, especially if mirrored across Europe, could have devastating effects on wildlife.
Rousmaniere: Can the set-aside program be improved?
Typically, when the workers' compensation settlement fails to allocate a specific dollar amount or a specific percentage of the lump sum settlement to future medical expenses and no set-aside trust has been created, the actual amount allocated can be negotiated based upon a rough application of the formula contained in 42 C.F.R.
The major findings of the report, as summarized by a Wall Street journal writer, are that some successful minority-owned companies have doctored their books to remain eligible for federal set-asides, that awards have been made to favored companies without competitive bidding, and that a relatively small group of well-wired companies have received the lion's share of 8(a) contracts.
Air Force NetCents II: Small and SDV set-aside. Estimated value $5.6 billion.
I AM not surprised that R Lewis finds it hard to accept my description of how set-aside fields are typically managed ("Absurd claims defy common sense", Voice of the North, October 6).
In a bid to ease tight cereal supplies, the European Commission proposed on 13 September to reduce to zero the set-aside rate for autumn 2007 and spring 2008 sowings.
The RSPB said the system of set-aside should be succeeded by land schemes that will help other farmland species in decline - including skylarks, yellowhammers, lapwings and barn owls.