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Third parties, always the darling of historians, roiled the set-tos of 1872, 1884, 1892, and 1896.
The libretto is based on Schiller's play and there are some fine set-tos between the two ladies, faithfully reproduced in the sub-titles, before Mary goes to the block.
Det Insp Mead said: "It does go to show that minor set-tos have tragic consequences.
She has an unfair advantage during those often bloody set-tos - claws.
It took quite a few years on Morse with John before they started having set-tos, with Lewis sticking up for himself a bit more.
Shearer said: "We had one or two set-tos and although I don't know Roy Keane as a person, I have tremendous respect for him because he was one of the greats.
Backyard mating battles between male ruby-throated, emerald-skinned chameleons evoke, with a bit of imagination, the earth-shaking set-tos of the 20-foot long, 10-ton allosaurs.