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And, putting to one side last season's play-off semi-finals, have the Black Country and Second City set-tos ever been as important in recent years?
Yes, for some unknown reason it hath been decreed by the gods of all matters matrimonial that nothing less than a weekend is now acceptable, thus compounding the pain, the anguish, the opportunities for 'set-tos' and, of course, the cost.
Such set-tos were a means of publicity and it often enabled the winner to charge a higher fee for its services.
What with their constant set-tos with labels, changes in personnel, swirling controversy and never-ending battles to find venues agreeable to hosting their live gigs, the Sex Pistols produced only one album.
Stories coming out of Edgbaston about Mark Greatbatch ruling with aloof bluntness and serious rumblings of arguments and set-tos are damaging this once great club.
Bookies are generally offering around 5-2 that there will be a red card in today's Mersey derby - in its own right a decent bet because in the last seven Scouse set-tos there have been seven sendings-off, the majority for dirty Evertonian gits.
But his lunge at Lennon wasn't one of those handbag-style set-tos, when some would-be footballing Oscar winner shamefully throws himself to the floor in a pathetic attempt to get a fellow pro sent off.