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v. to schedule, as to "set a case for trial."

See: adjust, appraise, assemblage, assess, assign, cement, chain, chronic, class, compact, confederacy, crystallize, customary, deposit, designate, embed, firm, fix, fixed, formal, habitual, inexorable, ingrained, instate, inveterate, levy, locate, permanent, pertinacious, place, plant, positive, prescribe, prescriptive, prevalent, ready, repose, resolute, resolve, rigid, routine, settle, situated, society, stabilize, unyielding, usual

SET, contracts. Foreign bills of exchange are generally drawn in parts; as, "pay this my first bill of exchange, second and third of the same tenor and date not paid;" the whole of these parts, which make but one bill, are called a set. Chit. Bills, 175, 6, (edition of 1836); 2 Pardess. n. 342.

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Standard features: Closed-loop proportional hydraulics, variable-volume pump; closed-loop injection speed and pressure; N-IV control with amber EL display and internal memory for 40 mold set-ups.
According to Shelley, the team worked with the MEP project managers on the set-up problem to find creative ways to make many of the internal steps external, reduce the number of steps in the process, create point-of-use storage for the tools, materials and paperwork used in the change over.
The upgraded controls can store up to half a million machine set-ups and can track production, operating faults, and corrective action taken.
Perfect for outdoor adventure and action sports enthusiasts who want to capture the most unique shots and get creative with different set-ups.
5 PC controller, memory storage for 150 mold set-ups.
Trend Trading Set-Ups extends the neoclassical concept of qualified trend first introduced by Little in Trend Qualification and Trading, providing traders and investors with a sound methodology for uncovering the very best trade set-ups and the ability to time trade entries like never before.
Engaging and informative, High Probability Trade Set-Ups provides a detailed explanation of twenty powerful, recurring tradable situations in the financial markets.
From Tupac's point of view - again, the only one the movie accommodates - his escalating run-ins with the law, abuse-crying women and rivals in the East Coast hip-hop establishment were either set-ups or justified on his part.
And, I want to make any information -- real-time market technical advice, trade set-ups, and education that helps me so dramatically -- available to my customers.
Custom test set-ups require more handling and tuning, which occupies engineering resources and is hard to re-produce.
Although we're run through many of the same set-ups as before - transitioning from home to Hogwarts, reintroducing all the magical characters, sniffing out some evil force that's haunting the venerable witchcraft school, Quidditch - much less time is wasted explaining all the supernatural folderol that the introductory movie necessarily had to lay out.