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Meanwhile Dominic Harlow, circuit engineering director stated ``Paul again concentrated on long run comparison of the tyres with some further aero, brake material and set-up tests today.
5 PC controller, memory storage for 150 mold set-ups.
Westenhoefer is the most straight-talking lesbian in comedy: Her humor comes not from an off-kilter persona, elaborate set-ups, or shock value, but an understanding of the intense silliness of everyday life.
Promise's FastTrak TX4000 ATA RAID controller targets high-performance desktop PC users interested in achieving enhanced performance in four-drive ATA RAID set-ups with a controller solution that provides four independent Ultra ATA channels.
There's little thoughtful follow-through, and a lot of the questions are not questions -- they're just set-ups for the media to convey sound bites to the hometown.
Why you should care: Rapid Line Industries says that the RL-7000 can dramatically reduce new vehicle development time, increase precision and reduce costs because its multi-axis arms can be positioned on the fly anywhere within the tubular frame of the bench to speed set-ups and adjustments.
The company's proprietary, deep memory MegaZoom technology, with acquisition memory depths up to 8 Mpts per channel and sampling rates up to 4 GS/s, eliminates the slow responsiveness and manual set-ups that have traditionally plagued users of deep-memory oscilloscopes.
There are in-your-face scenes of scams, set-ups, burglaries, shootings and blackmail.
Bankies coach Brian Wright knows there is a tremendous difference in their set-ups.
The stability that Mehra and Amini found is a consequence of their assumption that the number of set-ups each year must be an integer.
touchscreen and internal memory for 200 mold set-ups.