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That is because it has to be made according to a rational set of criteria setdown in Europe, on the basis of evidence supplied by the company and others and in a way that is above challenge in the courts.
Another feature, automatic boom soft setdown, guards against the damaging effects of boom jacking.
Weld quality is determined by weld current, press force, and displacement, or setdown of the welding projection - all of which are easily optimized.
Following the attack on Glasgow Airport, a decision was taken to close the normal 'setdown' roads at the front of the main terminal buildings at Birmingham Airport.
But when it does, next month, those who play it will find a superbly setdown track, mature fairways already and big, challenging greens (A4 creeping bent) of a quality rarely to be found elsewhere.
Mr Frost admitted that until the tragedy, Conwy had no setdown procedure for employees to follow if they noticed damage to council property.
The shovels' Electrotorque Plus digital drive system will include the OptiDig system to electronically prevent stalling in the bank, the LoadWeigh system for accuracy and consistency in optimising truck loads, automatic boom soft setdown (ABSS) to avoid boom jacking damage, and remote monitoring of shovel operating parameters.
There will also be improved road setdown areas and changes to traffic circulation.