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Slowly the vicious head came floating up, while at every oscillation a fresh burst of shrieks came from the settee.
We drew four chairs up to the long, low window, the lady still resting with closed eyes upon the settee.
Thaddeus Sholto ceased, and sat twitching on his luxurious settee.
Anna, in a gray dressing gown, with a crop of short clustering black curls on her round head, was sitting on a settee.
He was lying full length on the stern settee, his face buried in the cushions.
When we returned below, I sat down on one end of a deep, semi-circular, or, rather, semi-oval settee, upholstered in red plush.
He released it at last, and letting himself fall on the settee, listened for the first sounds of returning wind.
Mr Twemlow takes his station on a settee before her, and Mrs Lammle shows him a portrait.
On a settee cushion dragged out of the cabin, Captain Beard, with his legs drawn up and one arm under his head, slept with the light playing on him.
He was soon led on by the malicious dwarf to smoke himself into a relapse, and in that state stumbled upon a settee where he slept till morning.
In it, in bewildering confusion, were old sleighs, pungs, horse rakes, hogsheads, settees without backs, bed- steads without heads, in all stages of disability, and never the same on two consecutive days.
The state-room was next the cabin, and we flocked in there and flopped down on the settees, all speaking together, for we were just mad with the feeling that we were free once more.