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The settee belonged to Maximo Viola, who loaned Rizal the money to pay for the printing of his celebrated novel, 'Noli Me Tangere,' in Europe.
32am to a candle which had been left unattended too close to a settee.
I was so tired I'd fall asleep at work and on the settee at all hours of the day.
Me: "But no-one can fit on the settee when they're there.
PULL up a seat for Richard Herring's latest stand-up show Lord Of The Dance Settee on Sunday, although you might want to avoid taking a blind date to see it.
And the 47-year-old has already had a few mishaps performing alongside a succession of 'guest artist' sofas in his new Lord of the Dance Settee show, premiered at this summer's Edinburgh and which arrives in Liverpool in a couple of weeks.
Kevin Settee grew up in the West End, and has been working to improve his community by being a role model for youth, volunteering, and being a community organizer, all while battling health issues and working towards his degree at the University of Winnipeg," said Mayor Sam Katz in a news release.
He was arrested later that night after an investigation revealed there had been started deliberately on the wooden oor under a two-seat settee.
SHAKEN Alan Heyman today told of the moment a car smashed into his living room as he lay on the settee just inches away.
The blaze at the home on Rock Street was in a basement room and is thought to have begun in a settee at about 5.
Cecil Bloomfield, 51, was found lying unconscious on the settee by his son and was pronounced dead, despite efforts by ambulance paramedics to save him.
James Settee, has been extended after a successful run in communities throughout Saskatchewan.