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But for Charles, the best bit was actually setting foot on Antarctica.
According to Branko Azeski, President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, setting foot on alternative, larger and more remote markets requires a larger scope of products but domestic companies are not always able to meet this requirement.
He warned he was considering an order to have the shed removed completely, or a ban preventing him ever setting foot inside again.
Neighbour from hell" Stephen Thoms has been banned from setting foot in his own house without police permission.
Hutchison was uncomfortable setting foot in the building for years after it was turned into a museum, but now she could not resist a chance to visit the building that was her home from age 2 to age 18.
Last Minute German offers the reader a series of short, practical phrases that they can hear on an accompanying CD, with the goal of having the language "in their ear" before setting foot in Germany.
In examining the Hyde "ship," Traub's bias (that is, school = classroom) prevented him from setting foot into its powerful engine room: the Hyde Family Education Program.