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Granted, they're not exactly setting the world alight with their footie skills but Alex Ferguson (inset) and Co have yet to get beat.
However, while the powerful Troicki has done little wrong since, he's not setting the world alight and this looks a chance for Harrison to collect some important ranking points.
Manny Pacquiao aside, there is no one in the division that's setting the world alight.
Limerick haven't been setting the world alight this year but Maurice Horan has stepped up their championship preparations in recent weeks and they can beat a Westmeath side who are failing to excite.
And Owen hit back: "I wasn't setting the world alight but not many players are.
Rovers have conceded only three in their last eight games, without setting the world alight in attack, and 4-6 about two goals or fewer looks big.
He admits he hasn't been setting the world alight in challenge matches recently at centre-back against the likes of Waterford but then again, January and February is the slogging season.