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To agree, to approve, to arrange, to ascertain, to liquidate, or to reach an agreement.

Parties are said to settle an account when they examine its items and ascertain and agree upon the balance due from one to the other. When the person who owes money pays the balance, he or she is also said to settle it. A trust is settled when its terms are established and it goes into effect.

The term settle up is a colloquial rather than legal phrase that is applied to the final collection, adjustment, and distribution of the estate of a decedent, a bankrupt, or an insolvent corporation. It includes the processes of collecting the property, paying the debts and charges, and remitting the balance to those entitled to receive it.


v. to resolve a lawsuit without a final court judgment by negotiation between the parties, usually with the assistance of attorneys and/or insurance adjusters, and sometimes prodding by a judge. Most legal disputes are settled prior to trial. (See: settlement)


verb settle order on notice, accommodate, agree, agree upon, approve, arrange, arrange matters, arrange matters in dispute, ascertain, bring to terms, bring together, clear up, come to a determination, come to an agreement, come to an understanding, come to terms, compromise, conclude, conficere, constituere, decide, determine once for all, dispose of, end, even the score, harmonize, make a compact, mend, negotiate, put in order, reach a compromise, reconcile, rectify, resolve, reetore harmony, set at rest, set in place, settle, solve, straighten out, strike a bargain, work out
Associated concepts: settle a bill of exceptions, settle a claim, settle a judgment, settle an account, settle an estate, settle an order, settle issues, settle property, settled account
See also: accommodate, adjudge, adjudicate, adjust, administer, agree, arbitrate, arrange, award, choose, close, complete, comply, compromise, concede, conclude, conduct, confirm, contract, decide, deposit, determine, discharge, dwell, embed, hold, intercede, judge, liquidate, locate, lodge, lull, mediate, negotiate, pacify, pay, place, plant, reconcile, recoup, refund, reimburse, remit, remunerate, repose, reside, resolve, rest, return, rule, satisfy, stabilize, stipulate, subside, sustain

TO SETTLE. To adjust or ascertain to pay.
     2. Two contracting parties are said to settle an account when they ascertain what is justly due by one to the other; when one pays the balance or debt due by him, he is said to settle such debt or balance. 11 Alab. R. 419

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Even before the Revolution, migrants from Massachusetts had already begun to settle in Maine, a territory Massachusetts had claimed as early as 1691.
Ottawa refused to settle many claims or to apologize formally until January 1998.
Whereas love is what we all seek from the depths of our soul, lust is its unnourishing and unsatisfying counterfeit that we are often willing to settle for.
In essence, the court stated that the agreement granted the insurer the right to settle within the policy limits, regardless of the merits of the claims.
As one court noted, the right to settle a civil suit under 1983, including the amount of attorney's fees, rightfully belongs to the plaintiff.
If you haven't got a human loved-one at your disposal, then perhaps settle down with an animal loved-one of some sort (although not a greyhound because they would get jealous of the chance of glory that their brethren have been given and it would be awkward).
Under the two-step approach, the taxpayer is treated as (1) terminating the derivative for its FMV and (2) selling the property delivered to settle the derivative for its FMV (rather than the contract price).
A financial instrument, other than an outstanding share, that, at inception, embodies an obligation to repurchase the issuer's equity shares, or is indexed to such an obligation, and that requires or may require the issuer to settle the obligation by transferring assets (for example, a forward purchase contract or written put option on the issuer's equity shares that is to be physically settled or net cash serried)
The IRS recently expanded the authority of Examination case managers to settle more issues within their jurisdiction by changing existing Delegation Order No.
In the case of metal lattices, atoms from a vapor are thought to settle onto a layered surface and diffuse.
Brandt says owners will have to make an economic decision as to whether or not to settle open cases for those years.