settle accounts

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"Unfortunately, certain countries want to turn Afghanistan into a ground to settle accounts with others and the Islamic Republic of Iran is sensitive to this issue" and believes that Afghanistan should not be used to this end, Jahangiri said in a meeting with Afghan Defense Minister General Tariq Shah Bahrami in Tehran on Monday.
Putin is left unopposed as he tries to address and settle accounts in order to hide his domestic problems while proving that America and its ilk are spectators, and as such partners in this crime.
The AKP leaders, particularly Davutoy-lu, must settle accounts first with these deputies and columnists.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The head of the House of Representatives, Salim al-Jubouri confirmed existence arms of influential countries on the Iraqi ground and were able to feed Daash and other organizations in order to settle accounts, but did not mention the names of these countries.
Former Prosecutor General, Tala'at Abdallah decided to re-open the case in May 2013, in a step that was described by Belal as "a Brotherhood action to settle accounts with the accused" During this time, Al Abdel Fatah was also accused of inciting violence around the Brotherhood's Supreme Guidance office, in what is known as the Mokattam Clashes on 8 March 2013, investigations regarding this case are still ongoing.
In the end of November 2002, the SBP again asked banks to take measures to settle accounts regarding write-offs.
Kim said the time has come to settle accounts with the US imperialists, the Telegraph reports.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signed off on the order at a midnight meeting of top generals and "judged the time has come to settle accounts with the U.S.
pecuniary compensation, as defined in Article 1087.1 of RA Civil Code, is a temptation for the plaintiffs willing to settle accounts with
In the details given of the credit card spending it said that it should not be necessarily be assumed that usage solely related to Mr Mc-Carthy's personal expenses in that "it may also have been used for and to settle accounts for more general items of office expenditure - settling police authority members' phone bills, or paying for travel booked through office admin".
"We are not seeking vengeance or to settle accounts", he said, adding that he would build a "modern, democratic state" for all Egyptians.
ICH is used by airlines to settle accounts with each other for carrying passengers on tickets issued by them.