settle accounts with

References in classic literature ?
It may be some consolation to you when you're dead to know that I shall settle accounts with the boy.
That is why the Kingdom of heaven may be likened to a king who decided to settle accounts with his servants.
The contractor has approximately 4,300 orders per annum execute and settle accounts with the respective purchaser.
We want to settle accounts with the US and therefore, since we cannot go to the US, we will force the US to confront us by attacking Kuwait," Baghdadi said in his tweet message written in Arabic language.
We will settle accounts with 'parallellists,' we will destroy their buildings," the police said, according to witnesses and the guard.
Former Prosecutor General, Tala'at Abdallah decided to re-open the case in May 2013, in a step that was described by Belal as "a Brotherhood action to settle accounts with the accused" During this time, Al Abdel Fatah was also accused of inciting violence around the Brotherhood's Supreme Guidance office, in what is known as the Mokattam Clashes on 8 March 2013, investigations regarding this case are still ongoing.
Kim said the time has come to settle accounts with the US imperialists, the Telegraph reports.
Kim Jong-un said he was ready "to settle accounts with the US" after the Pentagon sent Stealth nuclear bombers to drop dummy munitions on a South Korean island range.
He warned his forces were ready "to settle accounts with the U.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un signed off on the order at a midnight meeting of top generals and "judged the time has come to settle accounts with the U.
1 of RA Civil Code, is a temptation for the plaintiffs willing to settle accounts with
ICH is used by airlines to settle accounts with each other for carrying passengers on tickets issued by them.