settle differences

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Top Iraqi government financial officials met with Kurdish regional officials this week in an attempt to settle differences over regional bank operations and civil servant salaries.
Mr Ochieng advised couples to explore alternative dispute resolution mechanisms instead of using violence to settle differences.
Lavrov stressed during the press conference with his Saudi counterpart Adel al-Jubeir to settle differences in the Arabian Gulf through negotiations.
The two sides should properly settle differences and issues on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence,' Wang said.
It added that the only way to settle differences of views is through dialogue and conciliation.
Oyao, the first priest to be assigned to the two-year-old parish, was hoping to settle differences with Abella and to help the latter get over his problem.
In the meantime, talks have been launched to settle differences between Berri and Aoun as well as how Frangieh could be convinced to withdraw from the race.
Talking of riots, Pasty and The Bear have yet to settle differences after the latter confirmed a non-attendance due to getting his front door fixed.
Mediation is one of the methods that can be a very effective way to settle differences.
United Nations - A Chinese official praised the United Nations International Court of Justice on Thursday and called the Chinese government "an active advocator for peaceful settlement of disputes" - but he stressed that all parties must agree on the means to settle differences.
Stable domestic environment, effective and constructive foreign policies in international interactions, and Iran's deep interest in observing international law to settle differences are the incentives for foreign investors in Iran," he said.
Nelson and Otto have been working until nearly midnight in recent days with Legislative Budget Board staff to settle differences between the two budgets.