settle differences

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Mediation is one of the methods that can be a very effective way to settle differences.
Stable domestic environment, effective and constructive foreign policies in international interactions, and Iran's deep interest in observing international law to settle differences are the incentives for foreign investors in Iran," he said.
As those households begin to return, ZOA is working to deepen the ability of communities to identify, discuss and settle differences and plan a meaningful economic future.
The party members were meeting to settle differences over whether the government should accept a third bailout from its international creditors.
Nelson and Otto have been working until nearly midnight in recent days with Legislative Budget Board staff to settle differences between the two budgets.
I am pleased we are part of it, because the countries of Europe have bargained round a table rather than try to settle differences on the battlefield.
The story about young Rupert, the son of a local parchment maker, is an imagined framing narrative, but the amazing origin of the Magna Carta itself--a document originally created to settle differences between warring factions and King John, as well as safeguard the liberties of free men in England--is accurate.
The president wants to avoid interpretations that would portray or suggest that the current peace talks in Ethiopia and the reunification dialogue in Tanzania are attempts to settle differences between the two tribes," he stressed.
Alizadeh said that despite being head of the Expediency Council, a body that is meant to settle differences between the Majlis and executive branch, Rafsanjani "does not observe national unity" and "does not consider national interests.
As of Sunday, members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1587 and Metrolinx have yet to settle differences and come up with a new collective agreement.
Dialogue is the way to settle differences among factions, including those with political interests," he told the GDN.
We announce the formation of a legal committee to settle differences between people and arrange reconciliations on the basis of sharia," the group said in a statement.