settle disputes

See: negotiate
References in classic literature ?
In his political capacity he has authority to settle disputes between the provinces, when other methods fail; to assist at the deliberations of the States-General, and at their particular conferences; to give audiences to foreign ambassadors, and to keep agents for his particular affairs at foreign courts.
We skirted around two-thirds of the island, four miles from shore, and all the opera glasses in the ship were called into requisition to settle disputes as to whether mossy spots on the uplands were groves of trees or groves of weeds, or whether the white villages down by the sea were really villages or only the clustering tombstones of cemeteries.
Also, 'the big issue now is how to settle disputes between HMO companies and their members or plan holders-who will have jurisdiction over those disputes?
The proposed bill will include regulations on capitalization and how to settle disputes among stakeholders of the organization, among others.
It is a collective term for the ways that parties can settle disputes, with (or without) the help of a third party.
The bill would facilitate the process of resorting to arbitration as an alternative means to settle disputes, ease the pressure on the judiciary and shorten the procedures to settle disputes towards achieving justice "at the shortest possible time".
QNA Doha The Cabinet on Wednesday endorsed Kuwait Emir HH Sheikh Sabah al Ahmad al Jaber al Sabah's proposition to establish a mechanism to settle disputes within the GCC that boosts cooperation in facing recent regional and international challenges.
Summary: Kuwaiti Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah calls for mechanism to settle disputes within GCC
Sir Rupert was known as the "Prince of Arbitrators" for his work defending the poor and setting up a system of arbitration boards to settle disputes across many industries including the building, coal, potteries and ironstone trades.
The insurer asked the Texas Department of Insurance to allow it to offer lower rates to homeowners who agree to settle disputes through a mandatory mediation-arbitration process, forgoing their right to settle matters in court.
The concept of orule of lawo has only recently begun to resonate in China, mainly through the countryAEs agreement to settle disputes using the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.
The intervention in Pakistan's largest province, Punjab, is rare in a country where it is often culturally acceptable to use marriage to build and strengthen alliances, settle disputes or pay off debts.