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During rehearsals some of the ex-miners were, apparently, a bit overeager to settle old scores when faced once again by rows of police uniforms.
And Chita Rivera opens this month in Chicago as the millionaire who returns to her hometown to settle old scores in The Visit, with a Terrence McNally book based on Friedrich Durrenmatt's play, and music and lyrics by John Kander and Fred Ebb.
Like his earlier volume by the same name, the new Polvere sull'erba is a fierce denunciation of the years when anarchy reigned in the countryside around Bevilacqua's native Parma, with ragtag gangs of deserters from both the Republican and Partisan ranks along with disbanded or deserted German and American soldiers continuing to fight skirmishes fueled more by the desire to settle old scores and simple rapacity than by political ideology.
Do not attempt to settle old scores before you leave.
at the prospect of Yoko, 64, using the proposed $65 million movie to settle old scores with critics who say she was behind the band's breakup.
Cyprus today is bankrupt and in no position to start picking fights or trying to settle old scores.
Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was the man Musharraf ousted from power in his 1999 coup, and his lawyers have said the treason case is an attempt to settle old scores through the courts.
It would be selfish and petty to try to settle old scores on this matter by denying such a precious resource to our fellow countrymen.
But Stoke boss Pulis wants Pennant (above) to concentrate on recapturing the form that made Liverpool pay pounds 7million for him, rather than settle old scores.
For Dom, it's a chance to settle old scores - he investigated Jackie's original builder back in 2008, but he managed to get away.
PLAYERS battled it out to settle old scores in a football match that dates back hundreds of years.
Large armies of hamadryas baboons battle on the plains of Ethiopia to steal females and settle old scores, while Japanese macaques beat the cold by lounging in thermal springs.