settle terms

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Official sources told Dawn that two foreign firms -- a Chinese and Turkish -- had been engaged in negotiations with the MC to settle terms and conditions as well as the rate for providing the service, which was much higher than expected.
In its response to the Bursa Malaysias inquiry over strange market movements, the company has revealed that it is yet to settle terms and conditions for the acquisition of a stake in the IT firm.
The failure to settle terms and the subsequent collapse of negotaitons deals a blow to IBM head Ginni Rometty, who is looking to dispose of underperforming units and ensure that the company hits its earnings target for 2015, Bloomberg said.
Over three months of negotiations, the two companies have managed to settle terms on price, taxes and hundreds of technical issues, but the fate of Standard Chartered's employees remains an issue of contention holding back a final deal.
City are also keen to settle terms with Cranie and Keogh is certainly hoping that FROM BACK PAGE they can strike a deal.
GOING WEST: Mido will be heading over the Pennines to Wigan if Boro and the Lancashire club can settle terms for the proposed swap deal; LOAN RANGER?
The PPP hopes to buy time to settle terms for the president's departure and steal the thunder from coalition partner Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister Musharraf overthrew.
Jefferies knows how vital both players are to the club and hopes to settle terms soon.
Israeli leaders believe they have at least another week to attack Hezbollah before major powers settle terms for a ceasefire and stabilization force.
Players for transfer should only go through these, who in turn would negotiate with interested clubs and settle terms and all things to do with moving from one club to another.
I have been a middle man for respective camps and both are keen to settle terms and get the fight on.
United want to settle terms quickly and cleanly and avoid a repeat of the Roy Keane drama.