settle upon

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You who have tails just whisk the flies off without thinking about it, and you can't tell what a torment it is to have them settle upon you and sting and sting, and have nothing in the world to lash them off with.
No darkness would ever settle upon those lamps, as no darkness had settled upon them for hundreds of years.
I looked at the boy in sorrow; and as I looked I saw the cloud of a deep despondency settle upon his counte- nance.
Yes, this weekend is the ultimate time to settle upon your favourite shade of rouge and master this red hot look.
There is, however, a score to settle upon her return to America.
My bewildered eyes then settle upon the checkbox named 'Other' followed by a measly, painfully short, dotted line, placed there for me to explain myself; and I sigh cynically as I know I need more than one line.
The eye skims across the blue of the Llynnau Mymbyr to settle upon the majestic Snowdon group of mountains.
Health Care REIT plans to use the net proceeds from the notes offering to redeem or settle upon conversion some USD126m of 4.
But all school systems can stand improvement, and we believe that looking beyond Central Massachusetts, to compare new ideas and leaders with those here at home, is the best way for the School Committee to settle upon the very best leader for its public schools.
The two presidents' commission will have to agree upon what constitutes a high-quality education for diesel mechanics, sociologists and veterinarians, and then settle upon a figure that quantifies how much Oregon would need to spend to provide such an education.
Earnings per share for the fiscal 2007 period include onetime transaction costs of 5 cents, a 1-cent charge for stock-option expense, and 2 cents to record the impact of the company's Hybrid Income Term Security (HITS) units, which did not settle upon the close of the acquisition.