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65 million and this loan was settled without mark up by the bank officials and did not received the mark up in 2004.
Mas maganda tuloy-tuloy ang kapayapaan ng kabilang panig sa pagitan (It's good that the MNLF and AFP have settled the issue.
SANA reporter in Homs said that authorities concerned settled the status of 105 persons from Tal Kalakh and al-Rastan cities, al-Husn and Talbeeseh towns in addition to a number of neighborhoods in Homs City.
The previous record came June 8 when it settled at $1,245.
4 : decide 1 <It's settled then -- we'll each pay our own way.
The two suits, both filed by longtime Fire Department employees, were settled for just a few hundred thousand dollars apiece.
Thus, when a client sells assets to a trust previously settled by a third party, the sale is treated as an arm's-length transaction between the client and the TPT.
He believes that 2 or 3 years from now more than half of the large cases will be settled through the Fast Track Settlement process.
On average, with the increase in beating time, the fibers settled more slowly, and the spread of settling velocities was greater.
Meanwhile, the country was filling up with immigrants, who settled boundaries, ploughed fields, built homes, transferred land, and established credit long before governments conferred on them any right to engage in these acts.
If you encounter any resistance along the sides or if you cannot touch the bottom of the container with the rod, the solids in the coating may have settled, in which case the coating needs to be reconstituted.
And once an atom has settled near the edge of an emerging layer, is it attracted to, or repulsed by, the atomic forces generated there?