settled belief

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Up to this time it had been her settled belief that he kept all his important documents in one or other of the suite of rooms which he happened to be occupying for the time being.
The aim of enquiry, Peirce at one point suggests, is not truth but settled belief. Inquiry is the struggle to free ourselves from doubt by establishing beliefs that are not likely to be overturned by future experience.
She described herself as a "conviction politician." A conviction is a settled belief that brooks no argument.
'Conviction' can mean 'proving or finding guilty', as the courts did with Kenny; however, it can also mean 'a settled belief', as it applies to Betty-Anne, who was unwaveringly convinced that her brother was not guilty of the crime and she was prepared to sacrifice eighteen years of her life to liberate him.
The lethal combination of operations and accounting has long influenced top management thinking in our industry, and the most pervasive and pernicious result has been the settled belief that the cure for less profitability is more volume.
Santayana also attacked the New Humanism of <IR> IRVING BABBITT </IR> and <IR> PAUL ELMER MORE </IR> because of their desire to reinstate a "settled belief" in a supernatural human soul and in a precise divine revelation.
Need-for-closure plays an important role in determining whether one has a settled belief; it also influences the accuracy of one's cognition.
He has over 36 years of experience behind him and has often questioned settled beliefs in business.
These discoveries were generating considerable excitement among scientists, even as they overturned settled beliefs about when we start absorbing and responding to information from our environment.
Admittedly an adherent, he was enabling these protagonists to be at large to carry on their campaign of publishing what they believed to be the Christian truth as revealed by the Bible; he was also the holder of a liquor licence, a "privilege" granted by the Province, the profits from which, as it was seen by the authorities, he was using to promote the disturbance of settled beliefs and arouse community disaffection generally, (p.