settled decision

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Gordon said those over 18, diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than six months to live, who have made a voluntary, clear and settled decision to die and have the ability to undertake a final act, should be allowed medical assistance to carry out their wishes in the UK.
The] DBP's patent disregard of [the] DBM circular a[euro]| and indifference on the settled decision of the executive secretary that the [amelioration allowance] is already considered integrated into the basic salary a[euro]| were acts contrary to good faith," the COA said.
There is no settled decision by us to sue in England or abroad, he said.
He noted, ``Whatever the language, the prosecution have apparently been unable to reach a settled decision on whether to proceed in this case or not.
The member of the Senate Banking Committee urged credit unions to use their political clout to tell members of Congress to stop re-litigating settled decisions, a nod to a recent District of Columbia appeals court ruling that declared President Obama's National Labor Relations Board appointments unconstitutional.