settled law

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In the face of a global legislative and regulatory assault on Informed Consent rights, NSF's unique initiative has widespread significance since all involuntary mandates fall before the settled law protecting Informed Consent.
The government's filing "made the point that this is settled law and you can't do this," said Wilson, the law professor.
Waters also said she was tired of the Republican strategy of death by 1,000 cuts and added, just as the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Obamacare and legalize same-sex marriage, Dodd-Frank is settled law.
The issue was emerging with particular force as the Supreme Court's 1973 decision legalizing abortion was becoming settled law, and also a cornerstone of the Democratic agenda.
He went on to state that: "The bill's changes would significantly impact California's vast franchise industry that relies on the certainty of well settled law.
The possible impact of the Supreme Court's opinion on the settled law concerning the corresponding situation in patent cases
Such a finding is against the settled law that a 'factum of recovery' cannot be ignored simply because the witness of memo of recovery is related to the victim," Ahsan contended.
It is settled law that the term rashness and negligence has to be construed lightly while making a decision on a petition for claim for the same as compared to the word rashness and negligence as finds mention in the Indian Penal Code," MACT judge Ajay Kumar Jain said.
But the extraordinary importance of party identification in predicting a person's support for the legislation raises the question of whether the ACA can ever escape its polarizing branding and be accepted by policymakers -- present and future -- as settled law, rather than an ongoing political battle.
It's the Democrats who have mocked the very notion of settled law.
Harris line of abstention cases, it has been settled law for some time that, even if a lawyer-regulating agency is mercilessly violating the constitutional rights of a lawyer, federal courts will not intervene because the sovereign interest of the states in bar matters is sacrosanct.
I thought separation of church and state was settled law in the United States and to see this being violated in my own community is disheartening.