settled law

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The court ruled that 'it is settled law that courts while exercising jurisdiction under Article 199 of the constitution do not interfere in matters relating to foreign affairs and defence.
It added that it is settled law that courts while exercising jurisdiction under Article 199 of the Constitution do not interfere with matters relating to foreign affairs and defense.
'Even otherwise, calling for fresh examination of the intoxicating substance at the appellate stage after all these years may frustrate the settled law as to safe custody and safe transmission of the recovered substance making the report of the chemical examiner suspected and unreliable.
'Howbeit, is further submitted that it is settled law that the issue of competence of proceedings or a process cannot be waived when the challenge goes to the fundamental nature of the process and not merely on a procedural aspect of the process.
For the reasons set forth in more detail in this opinion, we cannot accept these contentions; they are controlled by settled law. Congress has committed the responsibility for the calculation of credit for pretrial confinement to the BOP.
"In essence, the Mayor and City Council maintain that the LGTCA damages cap's applicability to Riot Act claims is settled law on the one hand, and that it is a novel issue of Maryland law on the other," he wrote.
As to a proper venue, Saltzberg, the hearing officer, wrote there is settled law that technical deviations aren't enough to strike a petition sheet.
Undoubtedly, petitioner's instant petition is numerically his second federal habeas petition filed pursuant to Section 2254; "[h]owever, it is settled law that not every numerically second petition is a 'second or successive' petition." Notably, dismissal via procedural default is considered by the Fourth Circuit to be a dismissal on the merits.
Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling that legalized abortion, Conway said Kavanaugh had said during his confirmation hearing that it was "settled law."
"Previously, it was a settled law that failure to mention any asset or liability would not result in disqualification of the candidate unless the misstatement was material particulars' such that it otherwise would automatically expose you to a disqualification.
Wade and its progeny are the settled law of the land," saying that the Supreme Court could overturn it.
And while he now claims Roe is settled law, his previous assertions while he worked at the Bush White House raise serious questions.