settled principle

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`Oh, I never make matches, my dear prince, it is my settled principle.'" Andrea bit his lips.
For boys follow one another in herds like sheep, for good or evil; they hate thinking, and have rarely any settled principles. Every school, indeed, has its own traditionary standard of right and wrong, which cannot be transgressed with impunity, marking certain things as low and blackguard, and certain others as lawful and right.
It is not in dispute and it is a settled principle of law that when an election has been validly conducted in a polling unit and the result has been validly declared and filled in the form EC8A, no other person can cancel the election, except the presiding officer for that unit and it must be for a valid reason.
It is a settled principle where law provides a remedy and constitutional jurisdiction is involved without availing of such remedy the petition is not maintainable, the appeal stated, adding arguing that therefore the LHC's judgment is liable to be set aside.
"In any event, it is a settled principle of criminal law that an accused must be convicted on the basis of the strength of the prosecution and not on the weakness of his defense," it added.
The 56-page detailed judgement authored by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar states it was a 'well settled principle of law that the one who makes an assertion has to prove it.
The point here is that, while it is an obvious fundamental principle that an employee who has a grievance has a right to be heard, it is not at all a settled principle, generally accepted, that that employee has a "right" to carry his or her grievance past the management decisions unfavorable to him or her into what this research calls an internal tribunal, staffed by the employee's peers and/or management personnel and empowered to reverse or modify the previously rendered management decisions in the matter.
There is settled principle that transition from small to big business enterprise and from big to bigger business doesn't happen automatically even in a rapidly growing economy.
It is a settled principle in international law that the deliberate targeting or plundering of religious, historic, and cultural sites is prohibited during war.
The learned counsel contended that the facts stated by complainant that holding of the 'panchayat' were 'hearsay' goes against the settled principle that all facts, whether seen or perceived, would be stated in the court as direct evidence of the event.
The EEOC for years has declared the "settled principle" that federal employment discrimination statutes cover undocumented workers, and the memorandum of understanding reinforces this protection.
The Tenth Circuit noted that It is a well settled principle of law that where a taxpayer keeps his books and files his returns on the accrual basis, income is to be accounted for in the year in which it is realized, irrespective of when it is ultimately received.