settlement of differences

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On production of petrochemical and oil goods, he added that settlement of differences to reach new agreements will contribute to such cooperation.
Darwish expressed his wishes for the settlement of differences through dialog on the basis of the federal Constitution.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: accounting for variations caused by electricity power system in slovakia, of a central billing and settlement of differences.
The IGAD official has stressed that the differences in south Sudan could be resolved only through dialogue not via war and that negotiations were the best avenue for settlement of differences.
Speaking in the name of the delegation, Assistant Chairman of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Central Committee of the Party, Qah Yutzhou, stressed China's unswerving position in bolstering cooperation with Arab countries, indicating that China shall proceed with such a support in a bid to find solutions to standing causes through political means and the settlement of differences via dialogue.
In cultures where contracts are not always regarded as rigorous terms of engagement but rather as a framework intended to govern a commercial relationship, mediation is particularly well-placed to serve the settlement of differences at arm's length before they escalate.
The Treaty provides a procedure for the settlement of differences and disputes, he said and added that any question, which arose between the parties, was to be first examined by the Indus Water Commission.
A'These discussions represent the best opportunity for Yemenis to consult with each other to reach a peaceful settlement of differences and grievances that divide themA', Hague said.
He continued, "Barzani started, last weekend, a range of consultations with the rest of the parties, regarding the settlement of differences and problems experienced by Iraq at the moment, and these consultations will be completed tomorrow after the weekend.
At the Arab level, Shaikh Saud continued, the UAE leadership has devoted the time and energy to achieve reconciliations among the Arab brothers through amicable settlement of differences to achieve the Arab solidarity.
The labour management relations provide help to improve the term of employment conditions of labour, regulating favourable salary structure for the employees, providing better facilities to the workers, removing the genuine grievances in quick amicable settlement of differences or disputes arising between employee and employer.
Answering a question about possibility to boycott the South-Korean companies that held contracts with north Iraq's Kurdistan Region to develop its oil fields, which is a point of difference between Baghdad and Arbil, Maliki said that "such problems shall end, pending the settlement of differences with Kurdistan.