settlement of dispute

See: mediation
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settlement of disputes which might become troublesome if left
Sir Pitt was well pleased, of course, at this intelligence, and congratulated his brother warmly upon the peaceful issue of the affair, making appropriate moral remarks upon the evils of duelling and the unsatisfactory nature of that sort of settlement of disputes.
Was this all meant to linger on the settlement of dispute and benefit the India or a serious effort.
Arbitration can be defined as a settlement of dispute between parties to a contract by a third party without resorting to court action.
After years of attempts for the settlement of dispute and enmity all efforts of elders went in-vein previously.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 28, 2013-PCTEL announces settlement of dispute with Tim Scronce(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
It is designed to show how the law applies to "daily concerns" involved in arbitration, litigation and practice, and covers a variety of recent contract law issues, including: good faith and fair dealing; precontractual liability; agreements to negotiate; Vienna Convention on International Sales Contracts; UNIDROIT principles; settlement of dispute claims by check; options and rights of first refusal; employer handbooks; covenants not to compete; self-help measures; and, new drafting tips.
M the Sultan stressed that " the foreign policy, its essence is the call for peace, harmony and close co-operation with all nations, as well as commitment to the principles of righteousness, justice, fairness and non-interference in the internal affairs of others and the settlement of dispute through peaceful means to help safeguard for all mankind its security, stability, prosperity and progress.
The workshop was administered by David Curry and Thomas Jersild who addressed arbitration clauses and different procedural rules, such as the ICC rules of arbitration and the UNCITRAL rules of arbitration, as well as settlement of dispute mechanism under the US-Oman Free Trade Agreement.
Sources told that report on settlement of dispute between two families after 14 years has been sent to presidency by Provincial Government and PPP Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.
Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani apprised the Chairman SECP that the Karachi Stock Exchange and other Exchanges can take benefit of mediation services of KCDR under Regulation 26 of the Karachi Stock Exchange regulation "Dispute to be referred to Arbitration" for amicable settlement of dispute before going to arbitration.
The DFA's statement was in response to another statement by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs that said "the Philippine's claim that it had exhausted almost all political and diplomatic avenues for a peaceful settlement of dispute is completely not true.