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To agree, to approve, to arrange, to ascertain, to liquidate, or to reach an agreement.

Parties are said to settle an account when they examine its items and ascertain and agree upon the balance due from one to the other. When the person who owes money pays the balance, he or she is also said to settle it. A trust is settled when its terms are established and it goes into effect.

The term settle up is a colloquial rather than legal phrase that is applied to the final collection, adjustment, and distribution of the estate of a decedent, a bankrupt, or an insolvent corporation. It includes the processes of collecting the property, paying the debts and charges, and remitting the balance to those entitled to receive it.

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v. to resolve a lawsuit without a final court judgment by negotiation between the parties, usually with the assistance of attorneys and/or insurance adjusters, and sometimes prodding by a judge. Most legal disputes are settled prior to trial. (See: settlement)

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TO SETTLE. To adjust or ascertain to pay.
     2. Two contracting parties are said to settle an account when they ascertain what is justly due by one to the other; when one pays the balance or debt due by him, he is said to settle such debt or balance. 11 Alab. R. 419

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Certainly, when a lawsuit comes in that should have been paid on the front end, looks clearly underpaid, or involves claims decisions that could be misconstrued during discovery, settle it before the defense lawyer incurs fees.
IBM said that now Indeval can settle securities trades in seconds, reducing the risk of financial losses and shielding the country from fluctuating market conditions.
By depicting how shock waves and combustion-gas clouds interact with nearby objects, including the shooter, images could someday enable criminologists to more accurately link aspects of shootings, such as the weapon used and the distance at which it was fired, to powder burns or other gunshot effects on victims and suspects, Settles says.
Sometimes, however, insureds do not want their insurers to settle lawsuits because settlements would affect them or their business negatively.
Assessing the likelihood of a favorable trial verdict is at the core of any decision to try or settle a bad faith lawsuit.
In multi-party litigation there often comes a time when global settlement cannot be achieved, yet one defendant still wants to settle out of the lawsuit.
Settles, who claimed the bears were waving him into their lair, was last night seriously ill in hospital in San Diego, California.
This threat of an ever-escalating award of attorney's fees presumably causes many law enforcement defendants to settle suits before trial, even when the validity of the suit is questionable because of viable defenses or immunities.
Over the decades, Appeals has improved its service to the point where it settles almost 90 percent of the cases that come to it.
Global Banking News-October 1, 2012--Bank of America settles Merrill suit(C)2012 ENPublishing -
If T physically settles the contract by delivering 100 shares of X stock to the counterparty for $10,500, he realizes a $500 gain under the one-step approach ($10,500 realized--$10,000 basis).
Mathematicians haven't yet absorbed the ramifications of Woodin's work fully enough to decide whether it settles the matter of the continuum hypothesis, says Akihiro Kanamori of Boston University (Mass.).