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The Interthinx decision has provided at least some clarity to parties that are considering settling a lawsuit that has a co-pending PTAB proceeding, but this is one decision of one panel.
Results showed that the mean fiber settling times increased from 34.
Be sure to flush the material that may be sitting or settling in a valve or piping by filling a container and dumping it back into the tank before drawing a sample.
The only exceptions the court noted are when there are multiple parties to a suit and the insurer discriminately settles with one or more of the parties for the full policy limits, thus exposing an insured to excess judgment, or when the insurer acts in bath faith by settling a claim in a manner that bars the insured's counterclaim.
However, controlling risk by settling when you did nothing wrong becomes a very expensive strategy for "winning" the liability game.
Concerns intensified in early 1990, when orderly liquidation of units of the Drexel Bumham Lambert Group was threatened by difficulties in settling transactions in certain mortgage-backed securities and in foreign exchange that arose when participants lost confidence that the units would fulfill their settlement obligations.
Causes for the high rate of failures range from lengthy and complicated registration procedures and strikes among workers responsible for settling trades to a general indifference towards settling trades on a timely basis.
1092 straddle rules, including (1) creating a new identified straddle regime, (2) repealing the so-called "stock exception" and (3) clarifying the consequences of physically settling a position that is part of a straddle.