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Separate; individual; independent.

In this sense, the word several is distinguished from joint. When applied to a number of persons, the expression severally liable usually implies that each person is liable alone.


Joint and Several Liability.


(Plural), adjective assorted, certain, diverse, few, more than one, some, sundry


(Separate), adjective appropriate, certain, chosen, definite, different, distinctive, distinguishable, exclusive, fixed, independent, marked, peculiar, personal, private, proper, representative, singular, unique
Associated concepts: several defendants, several liability, several ownership, several tracts, several trusts, several transactions, severally
See also: diverse, manifold, multiple

SEVERAL. A state of separation or partition. A several agreement or covenant, is one entered into by two or more persons separately, each binding himself for the whole; a several action is one in which two or more persons are separately charged; a several inheritance, is one conveyed so as to descend, or come to two persons separately by moieties. Several is usually opposed to joint. Vide 3 Rawle, 306. See Contract; Joint Contract, Parties to action.

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