severance of relations

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He called on the foreign ministry to adopt a clear stance even if it leads to severance of relations with Qatar, cautioning that Doha has violated all diplomatic and international laws.
It does not support severance of relations with brothers.
What has been said about Libya's severance of relations with Egypt is totally untrue," a source of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quoted by Egypt's official news agency, MENA as saying.
There are natural divergences at the level of the various opinions, but they do not reach the point of the severance of relations because what affects us affects the other member states.
Shadi Paveh, who for years had been lobbying for a severance of relations, said she was delighted: "It's better than a wedding day or finding a diamond.
Today, the severance of relations is difficult for Lebanon and we cannot do it.
Under a 20-year agreement, it supplied 70% of the refinery's crude oil until the 1979 severance of relations.
The 28th of February, a symbol of the past severance of relations, has gone by this year with a minimum amount of tension, having come in the wake of bridges of dialogue being extended between the two countries.
Iran's reaction in this regard should be started with restricting (inspectors') visits and cooperation with the agency and end up with severance of relations," the lawmaker added.
The parliament's) National Security (and Foreign Policy) Commission is considering lowering ties with Britain although we believe in complete severance of relations," Deputy Head of the Commission Esmaeyeel Kosari told FNA on Monday.