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Although published studies on the topic are minimal, many public forums such as blogs, social media, and popular news articles continuously recognize emotional distress related to severe weather and offer basic coping strategies.
Immunosuppressed patients merit special consideration regarding CDI in that they are at increased risk of infection and more likely to develop severe disease.
4 : not using unnecessary ornament : plain <a severe style>
For pregnant women, certain infectious diseases, such as influenza and varicella, may have a more severe clinical course, increased complication rate, and higher case-fatality rate.
A quarter of the GAIT participants started the study with moderate to severe pain in their knees, pain that "generally worsens a person's quality of life," explains the study leader, Daniel Clegg of the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City.
In December 2004, the US FDA approved Prialt for the management of severe, chronic pain in patients who require intrathecal analgesia.
Holgate, a professor in the Infection, Inflammation, and Repair Division of Southampton General Hospital in the United Kingdom, and other researchers noticed that severe asthma was actually associated with neutrophils, another type of white blood cell that is associated with Th1 diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.
Their latest book, A Working Life for People with Severe Mental Illness, represents a milestone in the understanding of what constitutes effective vocational planning and outcomes for people with severe mental illness.
As measured on a standard scale, 31% of women had symptoms of depression-12% mild, 14% moderate and 5% severe depression.
Cell damage, either by microbial toxins or injury, sets off the immune reaction that leads to severe sepsis.
Severe weather was forecast at the air station where two P-3C Orions undergoing scheduled periodic maintenance were partially hangared.
OTTAWA -- Mostly because of the cost, half of Canada's 155,000 children with mild to severe disabilities aged five to 14 years old do not have the specialized aids they need says a recently released report from Statistics Canada.

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