severe censure

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FACED with severe censure over the appointment of TV actor Gajendra Chauhan as the head of the governing council of the Film and Television Institute of India, the Centre is moving on a restructuring plan to silence critics.
KARACHI -- The workers of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) staged protest demonstrations in different cities against PTI chief Imran Khan over his severe censure of Altaf Hussain.
He was sent off in August 1948 for a "violent exchange" with Dave Mathie of Motherwell and that brought him a severe censure.
Frankly, Ponting's latest contretemps with the umpires should have brought severe censure and suspension.
But lo and behold Earnshaw opted not to acquiesce with 'Er Indoors' wishes and will no doubt have received severe censure upon his return home.
Ferrari drivers, already sniffing severe censure for McLaren (the F1 team, not Steve) at next week's spygate hearing, now have extra reason to turn it on at Monza following Pava's death.
I hope he receives severe censure at the highest level for his actions, which are not only highly inappropriate, but offensive.
If anything, leading riders should set an example, and so might even be subject to more severe censure than their lesser colleagues.
The PCAOB made it clear the profession must regain the public's confidence or face severe censure.
Some individual politicians who were expected to come in for sharp attack from the report, such as former agriculture minister John Gummer, instead escaped severe censure.
a d "Both teams were given severe censure and advised tre r r about their future conduct and the conduct of their supporters.
SFA chiefs yesterday fined Hearts and issued a severe censure for their action which followed referee Hugh Dallas' decision to award the Ibrox side a controversial penalty on the say so of Davis.

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