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TO SEVER, practice. When defendants who are sued jointly have separate defences, they may in general sever, that is, each one rely on his own separate defence; each may plead severally and insist on his own separate plea. See Severance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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One of her hands was also severed from the wrist, with bits of flesh allegedly requested for by the suspect's friends.
Vice chief of the investigation division of the State National Security Committee Sagynbek Samidin uulu said the materials not only concerning the ex-President but other officials on 12-13 facts, including paybacks, profiteering, were severed into separate procedures.
The release said that the 32-year-old man surnamed Chu was operating a mushroom packaging machine at his home in Xinshe District on Sep 16 when his right middle finger and forefinger were caught in the machine and accidently severed.
A performance artist and his lookalike stage shows featuring severed body parts, eventually their own.
To a question, Dr Rao said life quality of thousands of people could be preserved by re-attaching the severed body parts.
30 ( ANI ): In another case of medical apathy, severed foot of a man was kept between his legs at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh's Sultanpur.
For the best results, the severed limb should be reattached in six hours.
Two severed heads, however, were also spotted in the picture face up. 
What was originally just one has been severed or separated and become several things.
An Uzbek woman accused of murdering a child in her care and brandishing the child's severed head outside a metro station, said on Wednesday in a Moscow court that "Allah ordered" her to carry out the act.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines is checking whether the severed head found in Sulu belongs to the Malaysian kidnap victim of the Abu Sayyaf reportedly beheaded last Tuesday.
Medical researchers are borrowing a page from the speculative science and technology of 1991's "Terminator 2" to help repair severed nerves, Cnet reported.

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