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2,3 Study showed that the more obvious prostatic median lobe hyperplasia was and more serious BOO symptoms were,4 the severer OAB symptoms were; the reason why OAB occurred was secondary changes of stability, elasticity and sensitivity of bladder which was caused by BOO.
There is a higher risk of diabetes related complications in severer periodontitis.
In the remaining 13 (28%) items there was difference of one level of recommended punishment except for recommended sanction for engaging in drug abuse, for which female students were 02 levels severer in recommended punishment.
3 CAPITAL LEASE Alternative to cash and retail Lease with characteristics of installment contractors, a purchase agreement, typically equipment is available for providing for a purchase option purchase at the end of the at nominal or below-market price lease for a nominal amount, no (also known as a Conditional penalties for severer operating Sales Lease).
Even man slaughter does not attract a severer punishment than cow slaughter.
Without prejudice to any severer penalty set out in any other law, an offender can expect to face imprisonment of up to five years and or a fine of between BHD 1,000 to 5,000.
Ali ibn Abi Taalib, may Allah be pleased with him, said: "The day when the wronged will triumph over the wrongdoer will be far severer than the day when the wrongdoer wronged him.
Our country's development faces more and greater difficulties, and severer challenges this year, so we must be prepared for a tough battle," Li said ahead of the country's annual meeting of parliament.
In the PD patients, the symptomatically milder side (MS) and severer side (SS) were determined according to the total scores obtained from the scores on the items of UPDRS3 for the right and left sides.
Stage 2 was high-frequency-deficient and occurred closest to Kathmandu, which was probably why ground shaking was less severer than expected for such a high-magnitude earthquake.
However, the punishment of the Hereafter is severer.
Indeed, with every passing day the anti-Brotherhood drive of the deep state is getting severer in intensity and ruthlessness.