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We want the judge to give him a the severest sentence possible.
President Uhuru Kenyatta had vowed to respond to the attack "in the severest way possible".
Summary: Airstrikes follow threats by President Kenyatta that he would retaliate 'in severest way possible' against Shebab for attack on Garissa university.
I am demanding that in any cases where there is evidence of vessels dumping waste in our waters, the severest punishments must be afforded to the perpetrators and could result in hefty fines, loss of licences and even jail time.
Amritsar, Apr 11 ( ANI ): Former Punjab Chief Minister and Congress candidate from Amritsar Capt Amarinder Singh today condemned the rape remarks by Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, asserting, "rape is not a mistake, but a heineous crime that deserves severest punishment".
In the name of my colleagues in the Future Bloc we reject and deplore such criminal acts; judicial authorities must carry out extensive investigations and exact the severest punishment possible on criminals, Siniora concluded.
It is the severest alert since the Fukushima plant, located 230 km north of Tokyo, was damaged by a 9.
THE MOTHER of the 22- yearold Mumbai gang rape victim has demanded " severest punishment" to the five accused, saying that this would strike fear even into the " most sickminded" criminals.
The project plans to enhance food security and mechanisms for dealing with the severest affected people from the internally displaced persons (IDPs) and their host communities in Hajjah and the returnees in Abyan by maintaining and restoring and improving their productive assets.
The new policing body will be independent in its work, and will deal with the severest violations of tax legislation.
2 -- (BNA) The Chinese Capital, Beijing, sustained the severest winter cold spell in the city's recent history as warning was raised to "Yellow" owing to very low temperature on next to "red" which is the lowest temperature warning which means "maximum emergency".
The sense of duty that I witnessed made me proud of my Anglo-Saxon race which gave this perfect exhibition of self-control at this hour of severest trial.