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Her daughter, during the severest cold, was obliged for want of fire to remain in bed.
And Endicott, the severest Puritan of all who laid the rock foundation of New England, lifted the wreath of roses from the ruin of the Maypole, and threw it, with his own gauntleted hand, over the heads of the Lord and Lady of the May.
Their horses are stout, well-built ponies, of great wind, and capable of enduring the severest hardship and fatigue.
Adolphus Irwine, Rector of Broxton, Vicar of Hayslope, and Vicar of Blythe, a pluralist at whom the severest Church reformer would have found it difficult to look sour.
But her uncle's anger gave her the severest pain of all.
He was dressed in black velvet with jet trimmings; a white collar, as plain as that of the severest Puritan, set off the whiteness of his youthful neck; a small dark-colored mustache scarcely covered his curled, disdainful lip.
In cleanest, severest outline he had traced the Great Wheel with its six spokes, whose centre is the conjoined Hog, Snake, and Dove (Ignorance, Anger, and Lust), and whose compartments are all the Heavens and Hells, and all the chances of human life.
It seemed to her that even the severest of pain could be wholly bearable if, in the midst of it, one felt cherished.
The first months of my ministry have been spent in the North of England among strangers, where I preferred to make my earliest clumsy attempts, so as to acquire courage before undergoing that severest of all tests of one's sincerity, addressing those who have known one, and have been one's companions in the days of darkness.
He had very little money, barely sixteen hundred pounds, and it would be necessary for him to practise the severest economy.
That is the subject of my severest pain; that is the deepest of my wounds.
Its duty, indeed, was not victory but devotion, the severest task in the world.