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Jung, 1993, Adverse Selection When Loss Severities Differ: First-Best and Costly Equilibria, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory, 18: 173-182.
Less costly alternatives to foreclosure, such as short-sales, should help stem rising loss severities due to the lower costs and speed of the resolution.
Loss severities have been trending downward over the past few years from 44.
The model generates higher average loss severities than previously, reflecting historical experience, and does not differentiate to the same degree between fixed and hybrid ARM loan severity, therefore subprime fixed loan loss expectations will be more like those for hybrid ARMs.
Survey of PCPs and dermatologists in the major markets to capture the treatment of the ranging severities of psoriasis, from mild to severe patients
While Fitch expects this trend to continue due to loan seasoning and growing CMBS volume, loss severities have remained stable.