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SEWER. Properly a trench artificially made for the purpose of carrying water into the sea, river, or some other place of reception. Public sewers are, in general, made at the public expense. Crabb, R. P. Sec. 113.

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you really must talk less and sew more, or our society will be disgraced.
Most superior work, ma'am, and I'm deeply grateful; so much so, that I'll sew on these buttons myself, and save those tired fingers from another prick.
He evidently had, for he was soon back with a funny little work-bag, out of which he produced a thimble without a top; and, having threaded his needle, he proceeded to sew on the buttons so handily that Rose was much impressed and amused.
It took three days to sew all the strips together, but when it was finished they had a big bag of green silk more than twenty feet long.
I expect you'll learn to sew all right, Lena, if you'll only keep your head and not go gadding about to dances all the time and neglect your work, the way some country girls do.
All were busy at home, John absent till night, and nothing to do but sew, or read, or potter about.
He noted the firm, efficient hands--hands that could control a horse like Bob, that could run a typewriter almost as fast as a man could talk, that could sew on dainty garments, and that, doubtlessly, could play on the piano over there in the corner.
sometimes she sews it with white, and sometimes she sews it with black.
Masterclass: Couture Closures"--page 78) learned to sew at a very young age and has enjoyed it ever since.
3 For the bag, place fabric A on fleece D and sew along the top edge in zigzag stitch.
By contrast, family firms are shown to be less responsive to the CSR demands of internal stakeholders due to their desire to preserve internal SEW by maintaining control and influence over day-to-day decision making.
Large star sewing is also a defect that undervalues the Kuma and makes customers reluctant to return to the women that sew the Kuma and look for skilled sewers who sew small stars, not rising from each other, which gives Kuma more beauty.