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SEWER. Properly a trench artificially made for the purpose of carrying water into the sea, river, or some other place of reception. Public sewers are, in general, made at the public expense. Crabb, R. P. Sec. 113.

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If we decide to use these trucks, it will be only for the sewage tanks near homes that are connected to the pumping station because we will just want to remove the sewage and nothing more," he said.
Haridwar and Rishikesh being two important cities in the state, the Government has taken many initiatives to upgrade their sewage treatment facilities and address other concerns relating to cleaning of River Ganga.
Up to 20,000 houses have been connected to the sewage network across the emirate (Alamy Image)
At first the sewage flowed relatively slowly, and the vacuum trucks managed to overcome the hazard.
It was concluded from the results that application of sewage sludge at the rate of 30 t ha-1 was more beneficial in terms of better growth, higher straw yield and some yield traits of triticale under low input soil compared to control and inorganic fertilizer.
The department promised us to carry out the project in 2013 to provide connection to the sewage network, which has reached five kilometer away from the district, but has not yet fulfilled the promise," a resident told Al-Madina Arabic daily.
It has an installed capacity of 50 MGD and is pumping only 2 MGD of sewage every day.
In the past, Discovery Gardens has witnessed several incidents of sewage water flooding roads and causing traffic jams.
Overview of the sewage infrastructure construction industry in Croatia.
Sewage Infrastructure Construction in Belgium to 2017: Market Databook
The new project is a quantum leap in sewage systems as it will dispense of the need to transport wastewater from Muharraq to Manama, and then to the Tubli Sewage Plant," he said.
ClickPress, Thu Jan 30 2014] This report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the sewage infrastructure construction industry in Romania.