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The WHO environmental team verified, through odor detection and smoke tests, that sewer gas and aerosolized droplets were being drawn into the bathrooms from the plumbing system, with sewer gas velocity and droplet volume in direct proportion to fan power.
The Florida Department of Health says, "Some confounding factors that should be excluded as causes of observed corrosion are hydrogen sulfide from well water, sewer gas, or soil gas.
The test is performed under controlled conditions in an airtight chamber with a constant temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit where specimens are immersed into the aqueous solutions three times daily' for a period of 15 minutes, then exposed to the sewer gas the balance of the time.
SEWER gas lamps, post boxes, a funeral parlour and a block of flats are among the unusual structures being saved for future generations.
Also included: The RNLI station, Dove Marine Laboratory, and Beacon House in Cullercoats, Marden Quarry Park nature reserve, The Arcade in Tynemouth Front Street, Spanish Battery, Knotts Flats and Pier Cottage in Tynemouth, former Tynemouth High School, Northumberland Square, Linskill Centre and Rake House Farm in North Shields, Rising Sun landscaped pit heap, Panama Gardens, Rex Hotel, Rendezvous cafe, pedestal clock, Belvedere shops and Coliseum Building and old sewer gas lamps in Whitley Bay.
Sewer gas and aerosolized droplets were drawn into the bathrooms through the floor drains.
50 Years Ago Wolverhampton firemen wearing breathing apparatus yesterday rescued two Birmingham brothers who were overcome by sewer gas while at work lining a sewer 20ft below the ground, at Wolverhampton.