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The sex ratio inched forward in the first two decades of the country's life to reach 87.
The adult sex ratio is such as sex-biased mortality (Moore and Wilson, 2002), the primary sex ratio, and differential reproductive investment between the two sexes (Bateman, 1984).
Controlling the sex ratio in farms gives many advantages, since it allows the yield of the operations to be improved based on the type of production (milk or meat)(Martinez et al.
These include local resource competition, the sex ratio of the population at the time of reproduction, the first cohort selective advantage, and others.
Temperature effects on the sex ratio of bluegill were confirmed recently (Wang et al.
As Prof Hudson says: "A normal sex ratio is a public good.
Communities with adverse sex ratio endorse polyandry, abduction and coercive repetitive pregnancy for male children which in turn adversely affect women's health and worsen the economic condition of poor families.
Biologists call unbeatable strategies like the 50:50 sex ratio evolutionary stable strategies, or ESSs for short.
While most mammal populations show equalized sex ratios according to the "Fisher's principle" (Fisher 1930), adaptive adjustment of sex ratio has been found among many animals including e.
There is a new development, however, whereby Nigeria, the most populous Black nation in the world has experienced a rapid increase in its sex ratio at birth data from 1996-2008 to 2009-2014.
This indirectly will negate the impact of a skewed sex ratio in the country as a whole, and thus a comprehensive strategy should be formulated to address all potential risk factors[2].
Objective: To study the association of SES with sex ratio at live birth in individuals living in the slums of Sholapur city, India.