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9, Rachel and Barni launched their third book at National Book Store Glorietta 1, the alluringly titled 21 Days to a Sexier You.
The "Halo" singer shared multiple photos showing her sexier frame on Instagram, and many noticed that her stomach has already trimmed down.
I wouldn't mind betting that there's less sex in the city than there is in the country because it's just well, sexier here.
I feel sexier, I have a young husband who adores me and I have yet to have a door slammed in my face but if I do, remember I'm a Geordie and I'm fitter and healthier than I have ever been so I suggest you think again before putting my nose out of joint.
When creating Reveal the Passion, perfumer Olivier Gil-lotin of Givaudan envisioned a bolder, sexier, more alluring interpretation of the original Reveal fragrance.
She has now asked for sexier dresses, showing more leg and cleavage.
She said: "I don't think there is anything sexier than a man with a job.
Could be underestimated against sexier horses from the big stables next time Thought for the week Is Luca Cumani keeping a few interesting types back for the return of the mighty Fallon, or did he just have a modest August (4 winners from 52)?
A store manager at the National Wholesale Liquidators chain in New York told a Sikh woman working at the store to remove her turban because she "would appear sexier without it.
One fellow holidaymaker said: "She's far sexier in the flesh than Chastity and looked like a supermodel.
It should come as no surprise that today's ballet dancers can easily adapt to the sexier, pelvis-swinging moves and jagged partnering that just three decades ago seemed so foreign to them.
The big reason we line up for the summer blockbusters is to swoon over gorgeous, magnetic stars who are larger than life and sexier than any human has a right to be.