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Sexily ever after: Slip it in, ooer, to ordinary conversation.
Zeta-Jones slinks sexily through every frame, plying her feminine wiles to lure each husband into her web and she generates considerable sexual heat with her leading man.
CHARLIE'S Angels: Full Throttle, the high octane sequel to the 2000 action-comedy, is a breath of sexily scented fresh air in a largely stale blockbuster season.
We were introduced, too, to a Brunnhilde who is not only formidable but enchantingly, sexily feminine: Janice Baird, of whom much more as the cycle concludes.
I used to dress a lot more conservatively, but Rod has given me the confidence to dress more sexily.
If only the themes would stay on track instead of ranging randomly far afield to accommodate mere physical curiosities, as with a sexily acrobatic Megan Godfrey who positions herself in every conceivable way around a door frame, or the borrowing from Pilobolus of a double-decker body with a single pair of legs.
Kim later tweeted a picture of herself reclining sexily on a bed wearing just a pair of tiny pink silk shorts, holding a sheet to her chest to protect her modesty.
BBC Breakfast host Susanna Reid is resigned to being criticised by some viewers for dressing too sexily.
Wearing five-inch leopard print Louboutins teamed with a ruffled satin corset, the American diva claws her hands, snarling sexily into the lens.
Cathy was the prototype for every sexily clad, karate kitten from Bond through to films like Kill Bill, yet the origins were less sexy.
Jordan, 26, singing under her real name Katie Price, writhed sexily in a pink leather catsuit as she performed Not Just Anybody.
Which brings us to the other reason to slog through the film--the Carmen sequences, which Zeffirelli directs so lushly, so sexily, and so superbly, you wish he and his star would chuck the misshapen mess of a film around them and give over entirely to a full movie of Bizet's opera.