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Your relationship with delivery men will have become like that of new lovers: leaving Post-it notes for him, sexily indicating your 'safe place', whooping with joy on opening the door to them, chasing them down the street, or cursing them when jilted (ie, finding a 'we called but you were out' card).
While Rani was dressed sexily in a ganji and jeans ( picture left), Vidya stuck to her Indian avatar and teamed her white kurta with a pair of denims.
While this sexily sculpted metal is a real head-spinner that's not its main purpose in life.
I like to dress sexily but stylishly with tailored shirts and skinny jeans.
The whole shebanger is punctuated by a sexily echo'd "oh" that sounds like the mating call of a wood sprite preparing to sex u up in his cave-Jacuzzi.
Fiona, nicknamed the Steel Magnolia because of her tough reputation, went into court with a heavily coiffured Camilla-style hairstyle and emerged with a sexily slicked-back Diana do, post-drenching.
Sexily but subtly dressed in black, the girls displayed their amazing strengths as singers at this gig.
Woolford defiantly yet sexily excavates that dramatic chasm in his hip-hop/hula/talk-story solo journey I Land, which he created with director Roberta Uno, his kumu (teacher) Robert Cazimero and co-choreographer Rokafella, and which he performs through May 13 at Ma-Yi Theater.
Her plan for luring a sexily IRA-distribution-ineligible specimen of manhood was perhaps revealed in her request to surgeons (and no, we're not making this up) about her forthcoming cesarean scar: "Make it really low so that I can still wear a bikini.
The party inside was loud and mysterious, filled with sexily dressed young women, but it was no stranger than the scene in a Friday night Hollywood dance club.
Very undemanding boys who are content to switch off their brains when the cinema lights dim and devour the occasional female eye candy, including singer Alicia Keys as a sexily clad, gun-toting assassin for hire.
Since her debut last season on The L Word, the sexily androgynous actress Daniela Sea and her fabulous dreadlocked girlfriend, the innovative feminist rocker Bitch, a.