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He appeared disposed to add more, but indignation choked his utterance, so he lifted up one of his very pliable legs, and, flourishing it above his head a little, to insure his aim, administered a good sound kick to Gabriel Grub; immediately after which, all the goblins in waiting crowded round the wretched sexton, and kicked him without mercy, according to the established and invariable custom of courtiers upon earth, who kick whom royalty kicks, and hug whom royalty hugs.
At length all this was devoutly believed; and the new sexton used to exhibit to the curious, for a trifling emolument, a good- sized piece of the church weathercock which had been accidentally kicked off by the aforesaid horse in his aerial flight, and picked up by himself in the churchyard, a year or two afterwards.
When OPR opened the investigation, it requested information from the South Carolina Supreme Court about Sextons education and background.
With regard to Sextons provision of written advice to taxpayers, the IRS argued that 31 U.
Sexton is the president of his tax preparation company, Esquire Group LLC, where he prepares tax returns and manages the business.
Sexton filed his case seeking declaratory judgment relief that (1) he is not a "practitioner" as defined by federal law, and OPR has no statutory authority over him or his company, and (2) OPR and its agents are prohibited from regulating the providing of tax advice generally, except as specifically provided by statute and Congress.
Issues: Sexton argued that the ruling in Loving, 742 F.
Also, because there was no evidence that Sexton or his firm practiced or represented taxpayers before the IRS within Lovings interpretation of Section 330, the court found that the IRS could not claim authority over Sexton as a practitioner representing a taxpayer before the IRS.
Following retirement, the Sextons moved to Asheville, NC in late 1997 so that they could be centrally located to family.
A native of Elkhorn City, KY, he was son of the late Kermit and Ruby Owens Sexton.
Sexton later served his residency in radiology at Duke University, before joining the staff of Charleston Area Medical Center where he served a term as Chief of Staff.